A Student's Guide to Using This Site: The Basics

As you begin each new unit do the following:

1) Download, print, and read the corresponding review sheets (bring them to class - use them)
2) Become familiar with the applicable sections of the ESRT (See the 'Illustrated ESRT'). Do the practice questions at the bottom of each section.
3) Learn the vocabulary. Use flashcards, do crossword puzzles, and don't forget the 'Mostly Illustrated Glossary'.
4) Look at any powerpoint tutorials that may be available.
5) Do the practice test that goes with that unit and any 'interactive reviews' that may be available.
6) Before your classroom test go back and review one more time.

Want more? After the basics try some games, look at appropriate videos, check out photos and graphics. But do the basics first!

The links below are set up to guide you through this process unit by unit. The order of the units will vary from teacher to teacher and from school to school. Find the unit you are working on and get busy. Learning is most effective if done in small chunks over time (not crammed the night before a test). When you're tired or bored just stop. Start again when you're ready. But do start again!

Most Important of All:
> Understand the vocabulary so you'll know what the questions mean.
> Know your Reference Tables: What's in them - Where it's found - How to use what's there.

Unit Review(s) ESRT Flash Cards & Crossword Puzzles Tests & Interactives Powerpoint Tutorials
Introduction - The Changing Environment Unit 1 Review Equations FC - Unit One
CW - Unit 1

FC - Non-Science Vocabulary
Unit Test One
Interactive Prologue
Handy Help with Density
Gradient, Slope & Rate of Change
Measuring the Earth Measuring the Earth
Circumference Review
Avr. Chem. Comp.
Bedrock Geo. Map
Properties of Atm.
CW - Measuring the Earth Mapping
Interactive Mapping
Latitude & Longitude
Finding Distance
How To Draw Map Profiles
How to Construct a Field Map
The Earth in Space
Earth in The Universe
Orbital Diagrams
Solar System Data
EM Spectrum
FC - Earth in Space
CW - Astronomy
Earth Motions
The Spectrum & Doppler Shift
Motions of Earth, Sun,
and Moon
Motions of Earth, Sun, & Moon Review
Celestial Sphere Diag.
Hours of Daylight
Moon Phases
Important Dates
Solar System Data
  Solar Motions
Interactive - Motions of Earth, Sun, & Moon
Understanding the Celestial Sphere Diagram
Energy in Earth Processes Greenhouse Effect
Heat Facts Review
Water Phase Review
Specific Heats
Properties of Water
FC - Heat & Energy Exchanges
CW - Heat
Heat Questions
Interactive Energy
Understanding the Water Phase Change Graph
Weather Atmosphere Review
Weather review
"Need to Know"
Surface Ocean Currents
Weather Map Symbols

Properties of Atm.
Specific Heats
CW- Weather
Weather Questions
Interactive Weather
Interactive Weather 2



Understanding Relative Humidity and Dewpoint
Water & Climate Water & Climate Review Surface Ocean Currents
Properties of Atm.
Specific Heats
FC - Water & climate
CW - Water & Climate
Ground Water
Interactive Water & Climate
Weathering, Erosion &
Weathering, Erosion &
Deposition Review
Water Velocity
Prop. of Minerals
Rock Cycle
FC - Weathering, Erosion & Dep.
CW - Weathering, Erosion & Dep.
Weathering, Erosion
& Deposition

Interactive: W.E.D.
Interactive W.E.D.2
Understanding Glaciers
Rocks & Minerals Rock & Mineral Review Rock Cycle
Prop. of Minerals
Igneous Rock ID
Sedimentary ID
Metamorphic ID

Bedrock Geo. Map
Avr. Chem. Comp.
FC - Rocks & Minerals
CW - Rocks & Minerals
Rocks & Minerals
Interactive Rock & Mineral Review
How to Use the Igneous Rock ID Chart
The Dynamic Crust
(Plate Tectonics)
Continental Drift Review
Use of P&S Wave Graph
Tectonic Plates
Earth's Interior
Geologic History
FC - Earthquakes & Tectonics
CW - Tectonics & Quakes
Earthquakes & TectonicsInteractive: Earth's
Interior & Tectonics
Interactive Dynamic Crust
Plate Tectonics
How to Use The Quake Travel Time Graph
Geologic History &
Geohistory & Land-
scape Review
Geologic History
Bedrock Geo. Map
Landscape Map

Radioactive Decay
FC - Geohistory & Landscapes
CW - Geohistory & Landscapes
Interpreting Geohistory Matching (Correlating) Columns
Radioactive Decay
End-of-Year Review Brief Earth Science
Regents Review (outline)
EVERYTHING! Regents Vocab Review #1
Regents Vocab Review #2
Interactive Regents
End-of-Year Rev. #1
End-of-Year Rev. #2
End-of-Year Rev. #3
Whatever you think will help!