Landscape Questions

1. Which New York State landscape region is mostly a direct result of the last ice age?

Allehgeny Plateau
Erie-Ontario Lowlands
Atlantic Coastal Plains
Adirondack Mountains

2. Which New York State landscape region is composed mostly of intensely metamorphosed surface bedrock?

Tug Hill Plateau
Adirondack Mountains
Interior Lowlands
Atlanitc Coastal Plains

3. If the climate of a region becomes more humid landscape features will

Increase in elevation
Become more rounded
Increase in slope
Be uplifted

4. The Adirondacks and the Catskills are both areas of high elevation. Why are the Adirondacks classified as a mountain landscape while the Catskills are classified as a plateau?

The elevation of the Adirondacks is much higher
The bedrock of the Adirondacks is metamorphic while the Catskills are sedimentary
The slopes of the Adirondack mountains is steeper than the slopes of the Catskills
The bedrock od the adirondacks is tilted while the bedrock of the Catskills is horizontal

5. Landscape regions in which leveling forces are dominant over uplifting forces are often characterized by

Mountain building
Low elevations and gentle slopes
High elevations and steep slopes

6. Which characteristics of a landscape region would provide the best information about the stage of development of the landscape?

The age of the fossils in the bedrock
The types of hillslopes and the stream patterns
The amount of precipitation and the potential evapotranspiration
The types of vegetation and the vegetation growth rate

7. Landscapes that have undergone extensive glaciation may be identified by

Meandering streams and high elevations
V-shaped valleys and deep residual soils
Marine fossils at high elevations and soils consisting of sorted particles
Unsorted soil deposits and U-shaped valleys

8. Based on the Landscape Region map, the Catskills are actually part of

The Hudson-Mohawk Lowlands
The Allegheny Plateau
The Appalachian Plateau
The Adirondack Mountains

9. Which landscape region of New York State is composed mostly of Devonian bedrock

The Allegheny Plateau
The Erie-Ontario Lowlands
The Tug Hill Plateau
The Atlantic Coastal Plain

10. Which landscape region in New York State is composed of rock which underwent intensive metamorphism 460 million years ago

Adirondack Mountains
Hudson-Mohawk Lowlands
St. Lawrence Lowlands
Taconic Mountains

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