Plate Tectonic Questions

1. What kind of plate boundary is located at 60S, 160W


2. According to the 'Tectonic Plates' map of the ESRT, which statement is best supported by the relative movement shown by the arrows?

North and South America are moving towards each other
The Indian-Australian plate is moving away from the Eurasian plate
The African plate and the Eurasian plate are moving away from the North American plate
The Antarctic plate is moving away from the North American plate

3. Which geologic structure is represented by the double line separating the North American plate from the African and Eurasian plates?

Thick continental crust
Thick layers of sediment
A mid-ocean ridge
Granitic igneous rock

4. Which feature is commonly formed at a plate boundary where oceanic crust converges with continental crust?

A mid-ocean ridge
An oceanic trench
A transform fault
New oceanic crust

5. Evidence of subduction exists at the boundary between the

African and South American plates
Indian-Australian and Antarctic plates
Pacific and Antarctic plates
Nazca and South American plates

6. What do mid-ocean ridges and hot spots have in common?

They are associated with rising magma
They are always associated with present-day plate boundaries
They are commonly associated with earthquakes of great depth
Neither is associated with plate motions

7. Which of the following statements is supported by the Tectonic Plate map of the ESRT?

Divergent boundaries are associated with oceanic trenches
Convergent boundaries are associated with mid-ocean ridges
Most hot spots are located on transform boundaries
Oceanic trenches are usually located at convergent plate boundaries

8. What is the location of the St. Helena hot spot?

18N, 10W
18S, 10E
20N, 10W
18S, 10W

9. Based ob the direction of movement shown by the arrows, the San Andreas fault should be classified as a

Convergent fault
Divergent fault
Transform fault
Complex fault

10. Based on information in the earth science reference tables what is the present direction of movement of the Indian=Australian plate?

Towards the notheast
Towards the southwest
Towards the east
Towards the southeast

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