Earth Motions

1. The star Sirius is observed in the evening sky during the month of January. At the end of three hours, Sirius will appear to have moved

2. Venus, Mars, Saturn and Pluto have "eccentricity of orbits" of .007, .093, .056 and .205 respectively. Which planet has the most eccentric orbit?

3. Which provides the best evidence for the Earth's rotation?

4. During a period of one year, what would be the greatest altitude of the Sun at the North Pole?

5. Why do stars appear to move through the night sky at a rate of 15 degrees per hour?

6. What information is needed to determine the circumference of the Earth?

7. At what latitude would an observer on the Earth find the altitude of Polaris to be 37 degrees?

8. An observer on a moving ship notices that the altitude of Polaris increases each night. Local solar noon occurs at the same time each day. In what direction is the ship moving?

9. When does local solar noon occur for an observer in New York State?

10. In New York State, to see the Sun at noon, one would look towards the

11. What is the exact shape of the Earth's orbit around the Sun?

12. Which is the best indication that the Moon's distance from the Earth varies?

13. Which of the following is the most accurate model of the Earth's shape?

14. In the Earth's orbit of the Sun, as the Earth comes closer to the Sun, the rate of the Earth's rotation

15. On March 21, two observers, one at 45 degrees north latitude and the other at 45 degrees south latitude, watch the "rising" Sun. In which direction(s) must they look?

16. Astronomers have concluded that the planets rotate because

17. In the geocentric model (the Earth at the center of the universe), which motion would occur?

18. At 40 degrees north latitude, for how many days a year is the Sun at the zenith (directly overhead) position at noon?

19. During which season in the Northern Hemisphere, does the Earth reach its greatest distance from the Sun?

20. Based on observations made in the Northern Hemisphere, which statement provides the best supporting evidence that the Earth rotates on its axis?

21. What is the season of the year when the Earth is at position C in the diagram?

22. Which statement is true about the shape of the Earth?

23. Which motion causes the Moon to show phases when viewed from the Earth?

24. The Earth rotates on its axis at a rate of approximately

25. At approximately what rate does the earth travel in it's orbit around the sun?

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