1. Between which two points does water gain the most energy?

2. Which characteristics of a material have the greatest effect on the amount of insolation that the material will absorb

3. During which process of energy exchange does cold air displace warmer air?

4. By which process does starlight travel through space?

5. The temperature of an object is determined by the

6. The amount of heat needed to change the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1�C is called

7. When electromagnetic energy strikes an object that is a good radiator of electromagnetic energy, most of the energy will be

8. By what process is energy transferred from the light bulb to the cups?

9. Whch cup will gain heat at the fastest rate?

10. After several minutes the light bulb is turned off. Which cup will return to room temperature (cool) fastest?

11. By what process is heat transferred through the iron bar shown in the diagram?

12. Which of the following phrases is most closely associated with heat transfer by convection?

13. Between which 2 points is water evaporating?

14. At which point in the diagram does H2O have the highest specific heat?

15. Which example of heat energy transfer is due mainly to convection?

16. Which statement is the best example of heat energy transfer by conduction?

17. At which temperature will an object radiate the greatest amount of electromagnetic energy?

18. Between the years 1850 and 1900, records indicate that the Earth's mean surface temperature showed little variation. This would support the inference that

19. What happens to radiant energy that strikes the Earth's crust?

20. As the Earth's surface absorbs solar energy and then radiates it, the wavelength of the outgoing energy will have

21. Which diagram correctly shows the convection of air around a campfire?

22. If they are all at the same temperature, from which container will water evaporate at the fastest rate?

23. All samples have the same mass and are at the same temperature. If equal amounts of heat energy are added to the samples, which will experience the greatest change in temperature?

24. An object was added to a beaker of water. Using a thermometer, a student observed an immediate increase in water temperature. What is the best interpretation of this observation.

25. All four samples shown in the diagram are placed in a cool (0�C) environment. Which material will take the greatest amount of time to reach 0�C?

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