Solar Motions

1. Which of the following reporesents the sun's path at this location on December 21st?

2. Where was the observer if C - C' represents the sun's path on June 21st?

3. On which of the following dates could path B - B' have been drawn?

4. What was the noon altitude of the sun on the day path B - B' was drawn?

5. If this diagram represents a location in New York State, on which of the following dates might this solar path have been recorded?

6. At which of the following locations was this celestial sphere recorded?

7. On which date was the sun's path shown in the diagram probably recorded?

8. At which location and date was this celestial sphere diagram recorded?

9. Based on this celestial sphere diagram, what is the location of the observer?

10. What date is represented by the diagram?

11. What is the season in the northern hemisphere when the Earth is at position B?

12. Which graph represents the angle of the sun on September 23rd from 6AM to 6PM as viewed from a location in New York State?

13. The diagram shows the moon's orbital path around the earth. Approximately how long does it take the moon to move from position 1 to position 5 ?

14. Which diagram correctly shows the position of Polaris as seen by an observer in New York State?

15. The diagram shows the moon in it's orbit around the Earth. In which position would an observer on Earth see a full moon?

16. The shaded area represents night while the unshaed portion of the map is in daylight. Which day of the year does this map represent?

17. Besides the Earth, which two planets are depicted in the diagram?

18. As the planet makes one complete orbit around the star starting at the position shown, the gravitational attraction between the planet and the star will

19. As the Earth gets closer to the sun in its orbit, its orbital speed will increase because

20. In New York State, to see the Sun at noon, one would look towards the

21. When the orbital velocity of the Earth is greatest, what is the season of the year in the Northern Hemisphere?

22. In the Earth's orbit of the Sun, as the Earth comes closer to the Sun, the rate of the Earth's rotation

23. Which planetary model allows scientists to predict the exact positions of the planets in the night sky over many years

24. In the geocentric model (the Earth at the center of the universe), which motion would occur?

25. As viewed by an observer in New York State from sunrise to sunset, the length of a shadow cast by a vertical pole would

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