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Space & Astronomy

Weather related

Weathering, Erosion & Deposition


Formation of a Star

Super Cooled Water

Flash flood in Australia

Energy From Sugar

Star Trails 1

Convection & Clouds (#1)

Ground Water Animation

Topographic Map Profile

Star Trails 2

Convection & Clouds (#2)



Flash flood - Boscastle, U.K.

Malaysian Landslide Disaster


The Earth in Space


Weathering & Erosion


Phases of The Moon

Orographic Effect

Toowoomba Flash Flood  
Meteor Compilation

Hurricane Luis

What Causes a Solar Eclipse Giant Texas Hail

Quakes & Tectonics

What Causes a Lunar Eclipse Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapse

San Andreas Fault


Coriolis Effect


Tsunami 2004 (#1)

More Coriolis Effect

Geologic History

Tsunami 2004 (#2)


Bay of Fundy Tides

Uranium/Lead Dating (#1)

Tsunami 2004 (#3)


Uranium/Lead Dating (#2)

Tsunami - Know What to Do


Aurora (Northern Lights)  

L.A. Earthquake

Foucault Pendulum 1   Earth Formation & Tectonics  
Foucault Pendulum 2      

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